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We have a designated service department that repairs all make doors and openers and spring replacements regardless of brand. These men are trained and specialized in repairs and door services with many hours of training. Their goal is to get it right the first time.

Helping you maintain your garage door investment!

Northeastern Garage Door provides the following services:

Free Estimates

We provide free estimates to insure that you receive the proper services that you deserve with your garage door and/or opener purchases. There will be no used car pressure tactics. Our low key, no hassle pricing is one of the cornerstones of our success.

Virginia and North Carolina Builders

We welcome all builders whether large or small. Our pricing will be competitive whether you are a large tract builder or build an occasional home.


We sell doors un-installed for builders and do it yourselfers that prefer to install their own garage doors. Our wholesale/retail rates are very competitive with any vendors pricing.

Garage Door Repair and Service

If your existing door should break or be damaged, our experienced technicians provide excellent repair and replacement services at affordable prices. Our technicians have over 60 years combined door experience.

Garage Door Opener Repair and Service

If your existing opener should break or be damaged, our knowledgeable technicians provide excellent repair and replacement services.

Installation of Third Party Doors and Openers 

We will install doors and/or openers purchased from the “Other Guys,” with the same courtesy and expertise you have come to expect from Northeastern Garage Door Company.

Parts Delivered

We deliver doors, springs, hardware and all door components anywhere in the area.

Rot and Jamb Repair

We can repair or replace rotted wood and face out and clad your existing openings in aluminum to make your older home look like new. If you have termite damage around the doorframes, we can replace the woodwork.

Financing & Discounts

We offer no interest financing for up to 30 days and also offer a 3% discount if order is pre-paid before installation.

All major credit cards accepted.


Northeastern Garage Door Introduces Hassle Free Garage Door Maintenance

With Northeastern Garage Door our customers are number one. We have a preventive maintenance service for high usage business and critical need overhead doors. Preventive maintenance is a lesser alternative to expensive emergency repairs.

Our, ten experienced, fully trained technicians will help you virtually eliminate unplanned breakdowns.

Click on this link to our Maintenance Brochure.